Palestinian member of the Israeli Knesset, Masoud Ghanim, has proposed a no-confidence motion against the Israeli government.
Concerned about the critical health situation of Palestinian hunger-striking prisoners, Ghanim proposed the no-confidence vote on behalf of Arab parliamentary groups today, WAFA Palestinian News & Info Agency reports.

Ghnaim stated to the Knesset: “Dozens of Palestinian prisoners held in administrative detention have been on an open-ended hunger strike for 48 consecutive days, of whom 70 prisoners were hospitalized due to severe deterioration in their health conditions.”

“The Israeli government deals with hunger-striking prisoners in a brutal and inhuman manner. Rather than understanding their fair demands and ending administrative detention, an undemocratic practice that contradicts principles of human rights, the government has passed a bill to force-feed them.”

There are three Arab parliamentary groups in the Israeli Knesset, WAFA reports: Hadash, chaired by Hanna Swaid, the National Democratic Assembly, chaired by Jamal Zahalka, and the United Arab List with which MP Ghnaim is affiliated.