The Ahrar Center for Detainees Studies and Human Rights has reported that Israel recently moved 36 Palestinians, kidnapped in the latest military offensive, into solidarity confinement, for different periods, without charges or trial.Head of the Ahrar Center Fuad al-Khuffash stated that, since the Israeli invasions started twelve days ago, Israeli soldiers have kidnapped dozens of Palestinians every single day, including children, several political leaders, and legislators.

He stated that most of the kidnapped Palestinians are members of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad.

On Monday, The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported that Israeli soldiers have kidnapped 529 Palestinians, during daily invasions and assaults, since three Israeli settlers went missing nearly two weeks ago.

Many children have been kidnapped during the ongoing offensive, as the army invaded and searched hundreds of homes in different parts of the occupied West Bank.

Al-Khuffash called for a national strategy to defend the Administrative Detainees, and to act on preventing Israel from using the issue of them as a bargaining chip, and as a sword meant for pressuring the detainees, and Palestinian leaders.

A Sunday report by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, the center said Israeli soldiers shot and killed four Palestinians in the last ten days. Two of them were killed Sunday.,

The 36 detainees, who were forced into Administrative Detention, have been identified as:

1. Jihad Hmeidan.
2. Sobhy Masalma.
3. Jamil ‘Alqam.
4. Mohammad Kharfran.
5. Adnan Mohsen.
6. Mahmoud ‘Arbad.
7. Mahmoud Hobal.
8. Montaser Shadid.
9. Hashem Ibrahim.
10. Hamd Zeer.
11. Moath Hamde.
12. Ahmad ‘Oweiwy.
13. Fuad Ahmad Rajab.
14. Arafat Nasser.
15. Mahmoud Seder.
16. Shaker Dababsa.
17. Ayman Abu Eid.
18. Raed Sharabaty.
19. Ali Dofash.
20. Mustafa Shawar.
21. Mohammad Hammad.
22. Ma’moun ‘Aasi.
23. Baha’ Zghayyar.
24. Amjad Hamshary.
25. Ya’coub Esteitiyya.
26. Yousef Adawi.
27. Ezzedden Akram.
28. ‘Ahed Ghneimat.
29. Ragheb Bader.
30. Aziz Kayed.
31. Nasser Hamdan.
32. Amro Obeid.
33. Qassem Hamed.
34. Shaker Amara.
35. Anwar Harb.
36. Jamal Qotna.