Israeli forces now say they have arrested 931 Palestinians from Jerusalem and from cities and towns in what is now Israel.Most of the detainees were arrested for participating in demonstrations against Israeli aggression in Gaza.

The arrests have all taken place over the course of the past three weeks, following protests over the brutal torture, burning and murder of 16-year-old Muhammad Abu Khdeir by Israeli settlers, as headlines of the deaths of 2 Palestinian civilian teenagers, by live Israeli fire, were buried in media surrounding Israeli allegations (still unfounded) of Hamas’ involvement in the disappearance and deaths of 3 Israeli teens, one of whom was reportedly a soldier.

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PNN stated that Israeli forces expect the protests and clashes to increase in Jerusalem and the 1948 territories, due to the ongoing Israeli attacks on the Gaza strip.

The city of Jerusalem is recognized, under international law, as being shared by both Palestinians and Israelis, with East Jerusalem poised to be the capital of a future Palestinian state.

However, no serious attempt has ever been made by Israel in achieving such a unified state in either Jerusalem or any other Palestinian territory officially recognized by UN resolutions.

More than 500,000 Israeli settlers live in settlements across the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, in direct violation of international law, to which Israel is signatory.

Well over 800,000 Palestinians have been detained since Israel first began illegally occupying the West Bank and Gaza, in 1967, with more than 5,000 currently being held in Israeli prisons, often under the policy of Administrative Detention, in which detainees are not charged or tried but, rather, held indefinitely and in living conditions which are often quite severe.

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As of the time of this report, over 700 Gazans — most of whom are civilians, from infants to elderly and disabled, entire families — have died hideously violent deaths as a result of Israel’s calculated and merciless assaults on the already impoverished and besieged region. Over 4,000 have been injured, often seriously.

Hospitals, UN shelters and municipal facilities are proving, once again, to be no place of sanctuary for what is now over 100,000 displaced Palestinians seeking refuge under international protection, as a result of the current attacks.

Palestinians now make up the largest refugee population in the world — over 5 million worldwide and at least half of the total world population — as both Western & Arab nations, in conjunction with lobbyists, legislators and political chiefs who fail to enforce international law, further duping their constituents via mainstream media channels with denunciatory rhetoric and ongoing attempts to incriminate Palestinian resistance under the pretext of ‘security

Israeli forces continue to coordinate with PA security, while even the very idea of a peace process is publicly ridiculed by Israeli officials and further undermined with the increasingly redundant and mass-publicized narrative that Hamas is not interested in peace.

For Palestinians and asylum-seekers to Israel, the Levant continues to serve as little more than an open-air prison and a stage for countless crimes against humanity by both Israeli civilians and soldiers alike, the undeniably terrorist actions of whom remain, in essence — ultimately and historically — unaccounted for by the international community.