The Israeli Parliament of the Knesset passed, on Monday, a bill which prohibits the grant of pardon or the ease of sentence for Palestinian prisoners by reducing it, in case of a political deal or prisoner exchange.According to WAFA Palestinian News & Info Agency, the bill restricts the powers given to the Israeli President when it comes to granting pardon or reducing sentence for Palestinian prisoners convicted of actions against Israelis and, therefore, have been sentenced to life term imprisonment.

The powers will, nonetheless, be transferred to the courts.

Under this new law, detainees sentenced to life in prison, in ‘dangerous situations’, are not allowed to request a determination of the period of their sentences, by Israeli courts.

WAFA further reports that Palestinian prisoners convicted of murder will not be allowed to request the court to determine the period of their life sentence before 15 years of their sentence, provided that the minimum fixed life sentence equals 40 years.

The law was passed at the request of MP Ayelet Shaked, member of the Knesset for the Jewish Home Party.

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