The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported, Friday, that the hunger striking detainees, held in various Israeli prisons, are facing serious health complications, and could suffer further deterioration.The PPS said the detainees started the strike on August 20, and are facing serious health setbacks, and complications, but are determined to continue their strike, protesting constant violations, and demanding an end to their arbitrary Administrative Detention orders, holding them captive for extended, repeatedly renewed, periods without charges.

Head of the Nablus office of the PPS, Ra’ed Amer, said the administration of the Negev Detention Camp has informed detainees Bader ar-Rozza and Suleiman Eskafi that Israel will not negotiate with them, and will not hospitalize them.

Amer held Israel fully responsible for the lives of the detainees, and called on the Palestinian people to act in solidarity with the detainees, and for an official international role to ensure Israel stops its violations of International Law, and all related human rights agreements.