On Monday evening, Israeli soldiers abducted a Palestinian political prisoner shortly after his release from an Israeli prison after spending nine years in captivity and before he could spend any quality time with his family and his fiancé whom he met behind prison wires when she was visiting her brother.

Media sources said the soldiers abducted Bashar Obeidi, 32, shortly after his release from the Negev Detention Camp.

The Palestinian barely made it home after he was released and before he could rest and meet with family and friends who came to see him before Israeli soldiers abducted him and took him to an interrogation facility in Jerusalem.

Bashar, who was engaged while in prison, first met his fiancé, Islam Elian, 23, when she was visiting her brother, Mohammad, who was imprisoned at the same facility and is a friend of Bashar.

Islam, from Al-Isawiya town, and Bashar, from Silwan, in occupied Jerusalem, first saw each other six years ago, behind an array of barbed wires at the Ramon Israeli prison, but that was enough for her to come back to visit him again and again until they decided to get engaged two years ago, although they couldn’t have an engagement ceremony.

Islam recently graduated from Palestine Ahliya University in Bethlehem after obtaining a degree in media and journalism and decided to wait for Bashar’s release to finally meet far away from the shadows of wires and prison bars.

On the day of his scheduled release, Islam decided to wear a traditional Palestinian dress and prepared all sorts of sweets to meet her fiancé without the wires and the prison bars.

She always said that great happiness is born in the midst of suffering, despite all obstacles and aggression.

The last time Islam saw Bashar, even behind bars, was a week earlier when she also visited her imprisoned brother, Mohammad, serving of 38-month prison sentence, and brought all sorts of traditional Palestinian sweets before distributing them to the families of detainees who came to visit with their imprisoned loved ones.

She said this love story was born from the heart of suffering, which also made it special and gave this relationship a special meaning, and happiness that is worth waiting for.

Despite his abduction and the unclear future and with great hopes of fast release, the families still have the wedding planned for next month and are determining not to allow the illegal occupation to take this happiness and celebration from them.

Even before his release, Islam and her friends organized a symbolic wedding party, and she wore the traditional Palestinian dress before she and her friends sang traditional Palestinian songs.

The illegal Israeli occupation authorities frequently abduct detainees, especially from occupied Jerusalem, immediately and shortly after their release and place strict conditions on them and their families, including barring any celebrations or raising Palestinian flags and posters.