On Tuesday evening, Israeli soldiers invaded many homes and shops and closed roads with sand hills before abducting five Palestinians in Ya’bad town, southwest of Jenin, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

The town’s invasion lasted several hours, during which the soldiers stormed and ransacked many homes and shops.

Media sources said the soldiers abducted Mahmoud Abbadi and Ahmad Nasser Abbadi from their homes in the Al-Malloul neighborhood but released him a few hours later.

The sources added that the soldiers abducted Rami Tawfiq Abu Bakr, Mustafa Shawqi Abbadi, and former political prisoner Ahmad Jawad Abu Bakr and took them to an unknown destination.

It is worth mentioning that many army vehicles invaded the town in the evening, closed the Dotan military roadblock, and installed many roadblocks after a shooting attack in the area.

The soldiers installed sandhills between Ya’bad and Imreiha and several dirt roads before surrounding and isolating Ya’bad.

The army then stormed and ransacked many homes and shops, interrogated scores of Palestinians, and confiscated surveillance recordings and equipment.

According to Israeli sources, three soldiers suffered moderate wounds, and one was mildly injured in a shooting attack by Palestinian fighters near Ya’bad.

An Israeli colonizer was also moderately injured after being shot in a separate incident near the location of the first shooing.

The sources said the colonizer was shot when his car came under fire between Ya’bad and the Mevo Dotan military roadblock.