Dozens of armored military vehicles, including bulldozers, invaded Nur Shams refugee camp east of Tulkarem in the northwestern West Bank and caused serious damage to homes, cars, and street stands, during massive invasions and violent searches of homes.

Media sources said undercover Israeli soldiers infiltrated the refugee camp but could not ambush and locate Palestinian resistance fighters before dozens of armored military vehicles invaded it.

The soldiers wired and detonated the main doors of several Palestinian homes before storming them and conducting violent searches, causing serious damage, while military drones flew overhead.

During the violent invasions and searches of homes, the soldiers detained each family in one room of their property and interrogated them while ransacking the properties.

The soldiers also invaded and searched shops, caused damage to street stands after bulldozing them, and deployed sharpshooters on many rooftops before confiscating surveillance recordings and equipment.

The military vehicles also smashed many Palestinian cars parked near several homes in the refugee camp.

Hours after the invasion and the extensive and violent searches of homes and property, the army withdrew without being able to locate and abduct resistance fighters.

Palestinian fighters exchanged fire with the soldiers in several parts of the refugee camp, especially when the soldiers surrounded many homes,