Israeli soldiers abducted at least 141 from their homes and many buildings, while Israeli colonizers attacked Palestinians, their homes, and lands and destroyed property across the occupied West Bank.

In Jericho, in the northeastern West Bank, the soldiers stormed and ransacked several homes and abducted Ayyoub Omran Al-Alam after detonating the main door of his home in Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, south of the city.

The soldiers also fired many live rounds in the refugee camp and targeted a local school for girls with gas bombs and concussion grenades.

In Hebron, in the occupied West Bank’s southern part, Israeli colonizers attacked homes in Masafer Yatta, south of the city, and attacked homes, wounding two children ages six and four.

The colonizers damaged water tanks and irrigation networks, uprooted many saplings in the Shu’ab Al-Batem area, and spilled all the water that was reserved in water tanks.  The Palestinians in the area had to buy water tanks after the army prevented them from digging wells.

Furthermore, the soldiers invaded the Deheishe refugee camp south of Bethlehem, searched many homes and buildings, and abducted at least fifty workers from Gaza.

The Palestinian Detainees’ Committee and the Palestinian Prisoners Society said Israeli soldiers abducted more than 850 Palestinians, mostly from Hebron and Jerusalem, since October 7th, and added that the number does not include at least fifty workers who are from the Gaza Strip.

They added that the army abducted at least 6,000 Palestinians from several parts of occupied Palestine since the beginning of this year.

The abducted Palestinians, who are from the West Bank, have been identified as:


  1. Ghaleb Taha Abu Sneina.
  2. Assem Ja’bari.
  3. Mohammad Hussein Abu Hadid.
  4. Farid Salayma.
  5. Ashraf Bader.
  6. Yousef Sarsour.
  7. Shadi Qawasmi.
  8. Mahmoud Dweik.
  9. Mahmoud Abu Fannoun.
  10. Ashraf Taha Abu Sneina.
  11. Luai Gheith.
  12. Ali Zoheir Skafi.
  13. Tareq Ashour.
  14. Zeid Hussein Ja’bari.
  15. Yazan Nather.
  16. Yousef Qazzaz.
  17. Emad Jadallah.
  18. Mahmoud Abu Hlayyil.
  19. Salim Rajoub.
  20. Ala Rib’ey.
  21. Shadi Nammoura.
  22. Jadallah Rajoub.
  23. Osama Shahin.
  24. Yousef Abu Ras.
  25. Nabil Al-Awawda.
  26. Mahmoud Abdul-Jalil Shahateet.
  27. Montaser Shadeed.
  28. Monther Sharawna.
  29. Nayef Rajoub.
  30. Anas Hussein Amro.
  31. Yousef Nassar.
  32. Hani Abu Sbaa’.
  33. Mahmoud Abu Warda.
  34. Ward Ibrahim Awad.
  35. Mahdi Mershed Za’aqeeq.
  36. Mohammad Mershed Za’aqeeq.
  37. Mohannad Mershed Za’aqeeq.
  38. Rasem Aziz Ekhlayyel.
  39. Ali Mohammad Al-Allami.
  40. Mohammad Nabil Za’aqeeq.


  1. Ayyoub Omran Al-Allam.


  1. Hasan Mohammad Asfour.
  2. Yousef Sufian Taha.
  3. Amer Hussin Abu Alia.
  4. Amer Hussein Abu Alia.
  5. Ayyoub Hussein Abu Alia.
  6. Mohammad Ala’ Rimawi.
  7. Hani ‘Aasi.
  8. Fuad ‘Aasi.
  9. Eyad Jaber ‘Aasi.
  10. Rafiq Mafarja.
  11. Mohammad Saleh Dar Mousa.
  12. Islam Saleh Dar Mousa.
  13. Mohammad Jamil Bader.
  14. Montaser Mohammad Bader.
  15. Mohammad Tha’er Bader.
  16. Maan Saleh Mafarja.
  17. Adeeb Mohammad Mafarja.
  18. Mohammad Jamail Mafarja.
  19. Mousa No’man Aasi.
  20. Saif Mousa No’man Aasi.
  21. Shukri Khawaja.
  22. Ahmad Ayed Srour.
  23. Abdul-Rahma Ayed Srour.
  24. Tamim Mohammad Srour.
  25. Soheib Fahmi Srour.
  26. Mos’ab Mohammad Srour.
  27. Mo’tasem Mohammad Srour.
  28. Mohammad Abdul-Karim Srour.
  29. Baker Ahmad Mafarja.
  30. Soheib As-Sour.
  31. Yousef Ali Jabari.
  32. Taiseer Nafe’.
  33. Taleb Taiseer Nafe’.
  34. Walid Abdul-Rahman Nafe’.
  35. Nimir Najeh Nafe’.
  36. Riyad Abdul-Rahim Nasser.
  37. Hasan Yousef.
  38. Taher Falah Nada.
  39. Nasrallah Jamal Tawil.
  40. Yahia Jamal Tawil.


  1. Ahmad Abu Da’mous.


  1. Saed Mohammad Daraghma.
  2. Suleiman Al-Omari.
  3. Eyad Abdul-Aziz Abu Saris.


  1. Khaled Qassem Sheikh.
  2. Husam Mohammad Shiekh.
  3. Mo’taz Mohammad Shiekh.
  4. Hamada Sadouq.


  1. Moayyad Ma’ali.
  2. Jareh Issa Ma’ali.