Israeli forces attacked, on Monday morning, the Jenin refugee camp, in the northern occupied West Bank, shot and injured six Palestinians, and abducted three, two of whom were injured.

Media sources said that Israeli undercover unit infiltrated, the city of Jenin and its refugee camp, driving a civilian vehicle with Palestinian licence plates, snuck into the “Jabriyat” area of the refugee camp, and besieged a Palestinian-owned home.

Local Palestinians spotted the undercover unit, protested the army presence, and sirens were set off to alert others of the invasion.

Armed Palestinian resistance fighters engaged in a fierce exchange of fire with the attacking Israeli forces.

Shortly afterward, a large Israeli army force stormed the camp, accompanied by at least 40 military vehicles, including bulldozers, while helicopters and drones flew overhead.

[Video from QNN]

The Ministry of Health confirmed that Israeli forces shot and injured six Palestinians, four of whom were transported to the Jenin Governmental Hospital with mild injuries.

The other two injured young men were abducted by the army, without receiving any medical treatment.

The occupation army abducted a total of three Palestinians, identified as Ward Shreim, Moatasem Jaaisah, and Abdullah Sobh, from the Jenin refugee camp.

Three Palestinians Abducted by Israeli Forces

A social media video shows Israeli forces transported the three Palestinians, two of whom were injured, were extracted by military helicopter.

[Video from QNN]

According to Israeli sources, a high-precision suicide drone, known as the “SPIKE Firefly Loitering Munition” was used against the armed Palestinian resistance fighters, claiming that some were injured.

It added that the military first used the Israeli made “fragmentation warhead” suicide drone, in the July assault on the Jenin refugee camp.