On Tuesday, Israeli soldiers handed military orders halting the construction of ten Palestinian homes and one shop, in addition to banning the rehabilitation of farmlands, in Nahhalin town, west of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank.

Ibrahim Ghayatha, the head of Nahhalin Town Council, said the soldiers invaded the Khallet ad-Daliya area, in the southern part of the town, and handed an order halting the construction of a shop on land owned by Thieb Ismael Shakarna.

Ghayatha added that the soldiers also handed three orders banning the rehabilitation of farmlands in the Khallet Skeik area, west of Nahhalin. One of the Palestinians who received one of those orders was identified as Mousa Sheikh Zakarna.

The army also handed halt construction orders targeting ten homes in the Bakoush area in the town. The under-construction homes are owned by Mohammad Ibrahim Atiya, Samer Ahmad Amin, Nimir Ismael Abdul-Hafeth, Ahmad Khaled Mahmoud, Mohammad Hasan Abdul-Hafeth, Ahmad Mahmoud Abdul-Hafeth, Mohammad Hasan Yassin, Mohammad Mahmoud Atiya, Ahmad Mahmoud Atiya and Mohammad Ismael Suleiman.