Israeli occupation authorities confiscated, on Monday, building materials and a generator, while soldiers delivered a demolition notice to an under-construction home, both in the Hebron governorate, in the southern West Bank, local sources reported.

According to According to Fouad Al-Amour, the coordinator of the Protection and Resilience Committees in South Hebron, soldiers seized building materials and an electric generator belonging to Palestinian citizen Aziz Rabei.

Al-Amour added that Rabei was attempting to restore a cave to be used as a residence in the Masafer Yatta area, in the village of Jinba, south of Hebron in the southern West Bank.

Jinba village is located close to the 1949 Armistice Agreement Line, otherwise known as the Green Line, which divides the occupied West Bank with the state of Israel.

Meanwhile, Israeli troops invaded, on Monday, Birin village, southeast of Hebron, in the southern occupied West Bank, and handed a Palestinian citizen a demolition order for an under-construction home.

Media sources said that soldiers delivered the notice to Saber Ezz El-Din Burqan, the owner of the 160-square-meter home, under the pretext that it was being built without an Israeli issued permit.

The 1995 Oslo Accords classified the Masafer Yatta collection of hamlets, south of Hebron, as “Area C” which dictates that Israel has full civil, military, and administrative control of the area.

According to the latest report from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA): Protection of Civilians Report, between July 5 and July 24;

“The Israeli authorities demolished, confiscated, or forced people to demolish 54 structures in East Jerusalem and Area C of the West Bank, including 20 homes, citing the lack of Israeli-issued building permits, which are almost impossible to obtain. As a result, 66 Palestinians, including 34 children, were displaced.” – OCHA

“Some 60 % of West Bank lands have been classified as “Area C” and are under full and exclusive Israeli control. Area C is home to an estimated 180,000 Palestinians and includes the major residential and development land reserves for the entire West Bank. Israel prohibits Palestinian construction and development on some 70 % of Area C territory, arguing various rationales, such as being “state lands” or “firing zones.” Israel’s planning and construction policy virtually ignores the needs of the local population: it refuses to recognize most of the villages in the area or draw up plans for them, prevents the expansion and development of Palestinian communities, demolishes homes and does not allow the communities to hook up to infrastructure. Thousands of inhabitants live under the constant threat of expulsion for living in alleged firing zones or “illegal” communities. In addition, Israel has taken over most of the water sources in Area C and has restricted Palestinian access to them.” – B’Tselem