2 Palestinian structures were ordered to be demolished, by Israeli authorities, in the southern West Bank city of Yatta, in the Hebron district, Ma’an News Agency reported Sunday.

The two buildings, one the home of Abed al-Mutleb al-Nuajaa, the other a barn for livestock, belonging to Mousa Hassan al-Shuwaheen, using the steel structure for shelter for his sheep.

Local sources verified that the reason for the demolition orders was lack of building permits, which Israel uses as a pretext for demolishing Palestinian homes, to make room for illegal colonists and their settlements.

According to the report, nearly all Palestinian applications for building permits in land classified Area C are denied. Area C, under full Israeli military control makes up 60 % of the occupied West Bank.

Rateb al-Jbour, a local coordinator opposing the Israeli separation wall, said that 10 demolition notices have recently been handed out to homes and other structures in the area.

It is estimated that 550,000 Israeli colonists live in the occupied Palestinian territories, while Israel’s unfaltering determination to displace the indigenous Palestinians, and replace them with illegal colonists.