On Monday at dawn, Palestinian citizens found the body of an elderly man in his vehicle in the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

Earlier, the Israeli occupation forces stormed the administrative building of the Islamic Charitable Society for Orphan Care in the Al-Hawwouz neighborhood in Hebron.

The army confiscated the charity’s computers and files before welding the door shut and presumably opened fire during the incursion, shooting Issa Ali Abdul-Mon’em Al-Qadi Al-Tamimi, 65, in the head while he was in his taxi, near the building.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that Al-Tamimi had succumbed to a critical gunshot wound to the head.

On Monday afternoon, large crowds of Palestinians gathered in front of the Alia Hospital and proceeded to his family’s home, where loved ones said their final goodbyes.

The funeral procession continued to the Al-Shafi’i Mosque, while mourners chanted slogans condemning the ongoing crimes of the Israeli occupation.

Mourners performed the funeral prayer over the body, before burying him in the Martyrs’ Cemetery in the Wadi Al-Haria area of the city.

[Video from WAFA]