On the 35th consecutive day of the brutal Israeli military assault on the Gaza Strip, dozens of Palestinians were killed, many others were injured, at least one hospital has lost power, and thousands of people are being displaced as they leave their homes in northern Gaza to the south.

9:29 AM

Israeli tanks fired artillery shells and warplanes fired missiles, on Friday, at the outpatient clinics at the Al-Shifa Medical Complex, in Gaza City, in the northern besieged Gaza Strip, killing and wounding dozens of Palestinians.

In the southern Gaza Strip, occupation forces killed and wounded a number of Palestinians east of Khan Younis. No further details were provided.

1:57 PM

Israeli jets and tanks bombarded the the Al-Buraq School, in Gaza City, Friday morning, killing at least 50 Palestinians, most of whom are women, children, and elderly.

3:50 PM

Dozens of Palestinians were killed and wounded after the Israeli air force bombed displaced people who were fleeing their homes in the Wadi Gaza area in the central Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) announced that at least one Palestinian citizen was killed and 20 others wounded, including 2 in critical condition, when Israeli sharpshooters shot them while they were present in the Intensive Care Unit in Al-Quds Hospital in Gaza City.

4:05 PM

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that since October 7, 2023, at least 11,025 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli bombardment, more than 27,000 have been wounded, and as many as 2,700 people are still missing.

9:32 PM

At least 3 Palestinians were killed, and 12 injured, on Friday evening, when Israeli missiles targeted the homes of the Al-Jaidi and Fojo families, west of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

In the north, the Indonesian Hospital in Beit Lahia, which is housing many displaced Palestinians, announced a complete power outage as a result of the depletion of its fuel supply. The Al-Shifa Hospital administration in Gaza City, also warned of an imminent power shut down.

Israeli tanks fired artillery shells targeted the Al-Shifa complex, on Friday evening, while warplanes dropped internationally banned white phosphorus on neighborhoods in the surrounding areas, and the Al-Shati refugee camp, west of the city. The hospital is providing shelter to thousands of displaced Palestinians in addition to medical and journalistic crews.

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It was added that Israeli aircraft targeted many displaced Palestinians who were fleeing their homes in the northern Gaza Strip, killing and injuring a number of people.

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10:16 PM

On Friday evening, occupation aircraft and tanks bombarded the courtyards of the Indonesian Hospital in Beit Lahia and the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. As of midnight, the attacks against the hospitals are ongoing, and include sniper fire, according to Palestine TV.

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