Israeli forces conducted airstrikes, on Monday evening, against two resistance sites east of Gaza City, causing damage but no injuries.

Israeli occupation drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) targeted two resistance sites, east of Gaza City, in the northern besieged Gaza Strip.

Media sources said that occupation drones fired at least two missiles at two resistance observatories belonging to the “Al-Qassam Brigades”, the military wing of the Hamas resistance movement.

They added that the airstrikes destroyed both of the resistance observation sites, but did not produce any human casualties.

Israeli occupation forces have targeted resistance sites in the tiny coastal enclave, for four consecutive days, resulting in the injury of one Palestinian young man, on September 22, 2023.

In related news, Israeli forces shot, on Monday, one Palestinian young man, and caused dozens of youths to suffer the toxic effects of tear gas inhalation, along the separation fence, on the eastern border of the besieged Gaza Strip.