Gaza fishing boats - Al Ray news agency

The Israeli Navy carried out several attacks against Palestinian fishermen, on Saturday and Sunday, abducting two fishermen, while the army opened fire at Palestinian farmers, on Sunday morning.

On Sunday evening, the Israeli Navy warships opened fire with machine guns, towards Palestinian fishermen who were sailing off the southern coast of Gaza, west of Rafah.

The fishermen were forced to return to shore for fear of injury or death, and abandon their work, which is their only means of income. No injuries were reported.

East of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, Israeli soldiers, stationed along the border between Gaza and Israel, opened live fire, on Sunday morning, at Palestinian-owned farm lands.

Farmers working on their land at the time, were compelled to abandon their work, for fear of injury or death. There were no injuries reported.

Similarly, Palestinian farmers depend on their agricultural crops to earn income to provide for their families.

Meanwhile the army, stationed in military towers, opened fire, on Sunday morning, targeting agricultural land east of Deir al-Balah, in central Gaza, forcing farmers to leave the area. No injuries were reported.

On Saturday evening, the Israeli Navy abducted two Palestinian fishermen, after opening fire at them while they were sailing off the southern Rafah coast, and confiscated their boat.

According to Zakaria Bakr, the head of the fisherman’s union, Israeli Navy warships fired live rounds and flares at fishermen’s boats, off the coast of Rafah, and abducted two Palestinian fishermen, identified as Ibrahim Musa Abu Jiyab and Ali Hassan Abu Jiyab, and seized their fishing boat.

Furthermore, it was added that the Navy fired live rounds and tear gas canisters at fishermen sailing in the “Al-Waha” and “Al-Sudaniyya” area, northwest of Gaza City, in northern Gaza.

On a regular basis, the Israeli Navy harasses, chases, and opens fire at Palestinian fishermen while they are sailing of the coast of the Gaza Strip, within the permitted areas dictated by the occupation authorities.

Likewise, the occupation army frequently opens fire at Palestinian farmers, infiltrates the eastern border of the Gaza Strip, and levels farmlands.

The Israeli occupation authorities have maintained a strict blockade of the air, land, and sea, since 2007, which is the cause of the humanitarian crisis that plaques the Gaza Strip.