Illegal Israeli settlers attacked a Palestinian family, on Monday, while they were at their home in Tel Rumeida neighborhood of Hebron city, southern occupied West Bank, the Palestinian News and Info Agency (WAFA) reported.

The head of the family, Ibrahim Ramadan, said that illegal settlers attacked his children while they were playing at the house, causing bruises to his 3-year-old daughter and terrorizing the rest of the children.

Ramadan said the settlers attacked his family while Israeli soldiers observed, doing nothing to help the Palestinian family.

According to B’Tselem, thousands of testimonies, videos and reports, as well as many years of close monitoring by B’Tselem and other organizations, reveal that Israeli security forces not only allow settlers to harm Palestinians and their property as a matter of course – they often provide the perpetrators escort and back-up.

Image: ISM
Video: Reposted from Shehab News Agency