Israeli colonizers attacked and injured, on Thursday, three Palestinian youths in occupied East Jerusalem, and destroyed water pipelines in Kisan village, near Bethlehem, local sources reported.

In the “Al-Thawri” neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem, illegal Israeli settlers attacked three Palestinian young men who were present at a public park in the city.

The settlers assaulted the three youths, and one of the colonists stabbed a young man with an unknown sharp object.

All three Palestinian young men sustained bruises, while one sustained lacerations to his head from the sharp item.

The wounded youths were all transported to hospital, no further information was provided regarding their conditions.

In related news, illegal Israeli colonizers stormed Palestinian-owned lands and destroyed a network of water pipelines, in Kisan village, south of Bethlehem, in the southern occupied West Bank.

According to local activist, Ahmed Ghazal, settlers from the nearby illegal “Ma’ale Amos” colony, wrecked a drinking water network in the “Khallet al-Hamr area” southeast of Kisan village, belonging to local farmer Hassan Yusef al-Abayyat.