Many illegal Israeli colonists, and soldiers, invaded Monday, the town of Qusra, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Mohammad Jaber, the Mayor of Qusra, stated that the invading colonists came from Yesh Kodesh illegal colony, which was built on private lands, south of the town.

Jaber added that the colonists attacked a few homes before residents of the Emergency and the Neighborhood Watch Committee intercepted them.

He stated that Israeli soldiers invaded the town and fired many live rounds and gas bombs at the Palestinians, leading to protests.

Jaber said the colonists invaded the town while the residents continue to observe “stay at home orders,” which were handed down by the Palestinian Authority as a precautionary measure to prevent further infections of the Coronavirus.

It is worth mentioning that Israeli military bulldozers also invaded Palestinian lands in the area, and started bulldozing them, without proving any reasons for this violation.

In related news, many colonists attacked a Palestinian home, owned by Zeidan Sharabati, in Hebron city, in southern West Bank, and occupied its rooftop before causing damage to water tanks in addition to removing a Palestinian flag and replacing it with an Israeli flag.

Also Monday, the Palestinian Health Ministry has confirmed that sixteen Palestinians were officially diagnosed to be infected with the coronavirus, which brings the total number of confirmed cases to date to 253 (167 males and 86 females).

One woman in her sixties from Biddu town, northwest of occupied Jerusalem, died from the virus just a day after receiving the official diagnosis.