Updated: On Monday dawn, Israeli war jets fired many missiles into the Jenin refugee camp in the northern West Bank city of Jenin, killing at least eight Palestinians, including a child, and wounding more than fifty, ten seriously, including gunshot wounds to the head and the back, as the army advanced into the area and surrounded it. So far, the army carried out more than twenty airstrikes. The offensive on Jenin is ongoing. 

The soldiers also fired dozens of gas bombs around the Jenin Governmental Hospital, causing many patients and residents, including children receiving treatment at the medical facility, to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation.

Despite the heavy casualties, a senior Israeli government official told the Israeli Ynet News that the offensive is “proceeding as planned” and added that the time-limited offensive will continue as needed.”

The official also told Ynet that there is no international pressure “to stop the time-limited” offensive.

Update: The Palestinian Health Ministry said the eight slain Palestinians have been identified as Samih Firas Abu Al-Wafa, 21, Aws Hani Hannoun, 19, Husam Mohammad Abu Theeba, 18, Noureddin Husam Marshoud, 16, Mohammad Mohannad Shami, 23, Ahmad Mohammad Al-Amer, 21, Ali Hani Al-Ghoul, 17, and Majdi Ar’arawi, 17.

Update: The Israeli army fired two missiles at an apartment building consisting of three floors owned by Abu Eyad Sabbagh in the Jenin refugee camp.

The missiles struck the third floor of the building and damaged it, each floor of the building contained two apartments.

The army also fired many live rounds at Palestinians in front of the Emergency Department of Ibin Sina Hospital in Jenin and used many Palestinians as human shields in the Jenin refugee camp.


Five of the slain Palestinians have been identified as Samih Firas Abu Al-Wafa, 21, Aws Hannoun, and Husam Mohammad Abu Theeba; Israeli soldiers shot them in their chests, Noureddin Husam Marshoud, who the soldiers shot in the head and Mohammad Mohannad Shami



– The Israeli army is invading and causing damage to dozens of homes in the Jenin refugee camp and is damaging some of their walls to allow the soldiers to fire at the Palestinians in the streets without being seen.

– An Israeli military drone fired a missile at a Palestinian home near the Al-Huriyyah Theater, wounding a child, many families took shelter in the theater which was also targeted by one missile. 

– The Palestinians Health Ministry has confirmed a fifth Palestinian in Jenin.

– The Palestinians Health Ministry has confirmed a fourth Palestinian, only sixteen years of age, and added that the Israeli army also injured twenty-right, including seven who suffered critical injuries in Jenin.

– Four of the slain Palestinians have been officially identified as Samih Firas Abu Al-Wafa, 21, Aws Hanin Hannoun, and Husam Mohammad Abu Theeba, all were shot by Israeli soldiers in their chests, and Noureddin Husam Marshoud, who the soldiers shot in the head. 

– Dr. Wisam Bakr, the head of the Jenin governmental hospital, said Palestinian medics face serious difficulties and danger due to the Israeli siege, ongoing onslaught, and the deliberate targeting of ambulances.   

The Israeli army is preventing medics from entering the Jenin refugee camp and bulldozing streets. 

– The Israeli Airforce carried out more than twenty strikes on the Jenin refugee camp, using fighter jets and armed drones. The bombing and large-scale military offensive are ongoing. 

– The Israeli army destroyed two homes owned by Palestinians from Shalabi and Natour families after firing missiles at them and causing damage to surrounding homes and buildings.

– The Israeli army deliberately targeted electricity transformers and poles to ensure a blackout in Jenin refugee camp and its surrounding areas.

– The Israeli army targeted medics, ambulances, journalists, and media centers.

– Palestinian resistance fighters managed to shoot down and armed Israeli military drone.  

– Israeli drones, helicopters, and fighter jets fired missiles at buildings and closed the street between Jenin and Jenin refugee camp.

– Israeli soldiers invaded many homes and buildings overlooking the Jenin refugee camp and deployed sharpshooters on rooftops.

– The Israeli army deployed tanks on hills and neighborhoods overlooking the Jenin refugee camp.

– The Israeli army bulldozed and destroyed streets leading to the Jenin refugee camp, preventing Palestinian ambulances and journalists from entering it.

– Israeli military bulldozers damage dozens of Palestinian cars parked near homes in areas close to the Jenin refugee camp.  

– More Israeli tanks are being deployed in Jenin in preparation for a much larger military offensive on Jenin.

– Dozens of military vehicles also invaded several villages and towns around Jenin city, stormed and ransacked dozens of homes, and assaulted many Palestinians.

Israeli daily Haaretz said the Israeli army spokesperson Daniel Hagari confirmed that the soldiers invaded the Jenin refugee camp, however, Palestinian sources said all entrances to the refugee camp were blocked.

Haaretz stated that the Palestinians in Jenin received a message from the army, ordering them to remain in their homes, and added that “Hagari stressed that this is not an operation against the Palestinian Authority or the residents,” according to the Israeli report.

Hagari said the offensive in Jenin may continue and expand but is “currently limited to the Jenin area.”
The Israeli army claimed it targeted a “unified command center” used as an “advanced observation and reconnaissance center,” by Palestinian resistance fighters in Jenin, Haaretz added.

Published on: Jul 3, 2023, at 06:19: Over 200 armored Israeli military vehicles, including bulldozers, invaded Jenin city from several directions and advanced to surround the Jenin refugee camp before the soldiers stormed and occupied many homes and buildings.

The Israeli army is still pushing more vehicles into the area, while many tanks have been seen near the Al-Jalama military roadblock north of Jenin in preparation for invading Jenin.

Palestinian resistance fighters from various factions exchanged fire with the invading soldiers and military vehicles and detonated explosive charges near the armored vehicles.

The Palestinian Health Ministry identified one of the slain Palestinians as Samih Firas Abu Al-Wafa, 21, and seriously injured at least one when the army fired a missile at a home in the center of the refugee camp.

The sources added that the missile caused massive damage and fire and stated that the soldiers refused to allow Palestinian medics to enter the area.

Medical sources in Jenin said the number of victims is likely higher, but the medics cannot enter invaded areas due to the ongoing offensive and closures.

So far, the confirmed number of injuries is 13 including three who suffered life-threatening wounds.

Most of the wounded are being treated by young men and women who have received first aid and emergency medical training over the past few months in preparation for the offensive, which Israel has been discussing for some time.

Palestine TV said the soldiers have also encircled its headquarters in Jenin and are using equipment to disrupt live coverage.

It added that the Israeli war jets and armed drones fired at least twenty missiles at several buildings in the Jenin refugee camp.

Furthermore, Palestinian resistance fighters in Jenin said they managed to destroy an armored Israeli military bulldozer after detonating an explosive charge near an Israeli military bulldozer.

The Israeli occupation army has confirmed it was conducting an extensive military offensive throughout Jenin refugee and the Jenin refugee camp and added that one of its airstrikes targeted a building allegedly used by Palestinian fighters where they gather, and store weapons and ammunition, according to the statement issued by the army and the Israeli Security Agency “Shin Bet.”

The army said more than 1000 soldiers and at least a hundred military vehicles are participating in the offensive.

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The number of victims in the ongoing Israeli offensive in Jenin is likely higher than what is being reported, especially since the army is imposing a tight siege on the invaded areas, denying the entry of ambulances and media outlets, in addition to causing power outages and disrupting internet and cellphone coverage.

Various Palestinian factions, including the Islamic Jihad, said the offensive would fail in achieving its goals and would only intensify the resistance against the Israeli occupation and more steadfastness and unity among the Palestinians.

The Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, said Palestinian resistance fighters would never surrender, Jenin would never surrender and added that Israel would fail in achieving its goals and bear the consequences of its offensive.

“All options are open to striking the enemy; we will retaliate to this aggression and continue to resist the occupation,” the Al-Quds Brigades stated.

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