Despite his serious medical condition, the Israeli authorities moved Palestinian political prisoner, Sami Abu Diak, 36, from Assaf Harofeh Medical Center to the clinic in Ramla prison, which lacks specialists and adequate medical supplies.

The Palestinian Detainees Committee has reported that the detainee was rushed to the hospital two days ago, due to a serious deterioration of his health, but was then sent to the Ramla prison clinic, although his condition remains unstable and could suffer further a life-threatening decline.

The Committee held Israel fully responsible for the life of the ailing detainees and demanded his immediate and unconditional release so that he can receive treatment in the West Bank, close to his family.

It said that Abu Diak, from Jenin in northern West Bank, was diagnosed with cancer more than three years ago, and is also suffering from pulmonary and renal failures.

The detainee was taken prisoner in the year 2002 and was sentenced by an Israeli court to three life-terms and an additional thirty years in prison.

Abu Diak lost nearly 40 Kilograms (88.18 Pounds) of his bodyweight, and could die at any given moment, especially due to a serious decline in his blood sugar and hemoglobin levels.

He is one of fourteen Palestinian detainees who are constantly housed in the infamous Ramla prison clinic, without access to specialized, or even adequate, medical care.