RAMALLAH, Sunday, August 13, 2023 (WAFA)

Rabbi Tzvi Kostiner, the head of the Israeli Midbara K’Eden Yeshiva, has called for the release of an extremist Israeli terrorist convicted in the murder of three members of the Palestinian family of Dawabsha in an arson attack on July 31, 2015, according to Israeli news reports.

The murderer, Amiram Ben Uliel, is serving three life sentences plus 20 years for the deadly arson attack in the village of Douma, southeast of Nablus, in which Reham and Sa’ad Dawabsha were killed along with their 18-month-old son, Ali Sa’ad.

Only the couple’s eldest son, Ahmad, survived the terror attack, with terrible burns.

Rabbi Tzvi Kostiner was filmed last Thursday claiming that Ben Uliel’s treatment by the courts was “one of the greatest injustices” by the Israeli judiciary.

“Ben Uliel “didn’t do anything, but even if he did — come on, accept him,” Kostiner said in the video.

Kostiner further said that Ben Uliel should be released and vindicated, and that he at least be transferred to a special jail ward for religious Jews with better prison conditions.

In 2016, Israeli prosecutors charged Ben Uliel with murder and a second suspect with being an accessory to murder.

The terrorist arson attack of the Dawabsha family is considered one of the most heinous acts of Israeli Jewish terrorism in recent years.

Sa’ad, Reham and their children were asleep when masked Israeli terrorists threw a firebomb through their bedroom window and sprayed walls with slogans in Hebrew, including the word “revenge”.

Ali died during the ensuing blaze, while his parents succumbed to their wounds later in hospital. Ahmad spent months in hospital undergoing treatment for burns.

Ahmad Dawabsha
Ahmad Dawabsha