General Union For Palestinian Writers Denounced Abduction Of Palestinian Author

January 16, 2017 12:25 PM IMEMC News Israeli attacks, News Report, Ramallah, West Bank 0
16 Jan
12:25 PM

The General Union for Palestinian Writers issued a statement, Monday, strongly denouncing the abduction of author and intellectual Walid al-Hodali, who was taken prisoner at dawn, after many Israeli soldiers invaded his home in Ramallah.

In a press release, the Union described the abduction of Hodali is another Israeli crime against liberty and freedom of speech, and demanded his immediate and unconditional release.

ā€œWe at the General Union for Palestinian Writers strongly condemn this crime, the ongoing abductions of the Palestinian people, and their intellectuals; we demand their release,ā€ it stated,

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ā€œThe abduction of Hodali is a very serious violation, an Israeli attempt to confiscate freedom of speech, meant at silencing the Palestinians.ā€

The Union also said that Hodali was repeatedly abducted and imprisoned by Israel, spending many years behind bars, and that he is a senior writer, including theater and childrenā€™s books, while many of his works have been used in various televised documentaries and educational features in many TV and radio stations.

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