Marking the 42 anniversary of the formation of Fateh movement and in a move that was seen by many people as show of force, dozens of thousands of Fateh members and supporters rallied in Gaza.The Qatar based Al Japers reported on its news website that Tayyeb Abdul-Rahim, a Fateh leaders and the aide of Mahmoud Abbas, said in a speech that Fateh does not want civil war, “but the Palestinian blood is not an open target for anyone.

The Fateh rally was conducted in the main stadium in Gaza.

Legislator Mohammad Dahlan, a senior Fateh leader and the former chief of the Preventive Security in the Gaza Strip mocked Hamas during his speech and told his bodyguards to move away, a move that comes to show that he is not afraid from death threats he received.   

“Let Hamas shoot me, I am not afraid”, Dahlan stated before a Fateh member fired into the air while shouting “death to the killers, Fateh is alive and immortal”.
The members also said that Fateh will respond if attacked and that Hamas leaders are wrong if they think they “are far from the reach of our hands”.
 Meanwhile, Mosheer Al Masry, a Member of Parliament and spokesperson of Hamas, accused Dahlan of inciting violence.
After wining the legislative elections in January 2006, and forming the government is March same year, Hamas created the Executive Force that was observed as a defiance to the Palestinian Security Forces controlled by president Mahmoud Abbas.
 Meanwhile, Abu Obadiah, spokesperson of the Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, held Fateh fighters and leaders responsible for the current internal violence.
"Those who receive arms from the Americans are the ones who are responsible for the bloodshed”, he stated.

Last Friday, Reuters reported on Friday that the US Administration decided to provide $86 Million to Abbas to strengthen his security forces.