Jaime Razuri, a cameraman working with Agence France-Presse who was abducted by gunmen on January 1 in Gaza, was released on Sunday evening, Tayyib Abdul-Rahim, presidency spokesperson reported.Razuri was moved to the Presidential headquarters in Gaza after mediation efforts succeeded in freeing him from his captures.

Abdul-Rahim denied reports that claimed that members of Dagmash family in Gaza abducted the reporter, adding that several Fateh members of the family aided the security forces in locating Razuri.

Abdul-Rahim phoned Razuri and congratulated him on his safe release, and appealed all factions not resort to abductions since this issue damages that image of the Palestinian people fighting for their independence.

He added that French security delegates arrived in Gaza and helped in the efforts to release Razuri. He added that Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, promised the Peruvian Foreign Minister to conduct utmost efforts to release the reporter.

Abdul-Rahim and the Peruvian FM met on Saturday in Gaza.  

After his safe release, Razuri thanked president Abbas and all parties who were involved in the efforts to release him.

“I was afraid that I will face more difficult conditions, but I am very happy your mediation efforts wee fruitful”, Razuri stated, “This is my first visit here, but I hope I will come back in the future”.

French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy issued a press release expressing happiness over the release of Razuri, and thanked all parties involved in Razuri’s safe release.

Razuri was abducted seven days ago by unknown gunmen who forced him in a vehicle as he was standing in front of Agence France-Presse headquarters in Gaza city.