Israeli army troops invaded the West Bank city of Tulkarem early on Sunday morning and were positioned in the northern part of the city.

Witnesses said that a large Israeli force invaded the north-western neighborhood of Tulkarem and broke into the house of local resident Feras Khashan, making a mess of its contents. No further house invasions were reported.

In Bethlehem city six Israeli army patrols swept into the Artas village, south of the city, local sources reported. The sources said that the Israeli soldiers blockaded the house of Essam Ismail and then searched it thoroughly.

Meanwhile on Sunday morning, an Israeli army force chased a group of Palestinian workers to the south of Hebron city in southern West Bank.

Witnesses said that several Israeli army jeeps prevented a large number of Palestinian workers from reaching their workplaces in nearby villages.

In northern West Bank, the Israeli soldiers installed five military checkpoints in different parts of Jenin city, witnesses said. Witnesses added that the soldiers began barring access of Palestinian vehicles and scrutinizing identity cards of passers-by.

The Israeli army announced a few weeks ago that it would ease restrictions on Palestinian movement in the West Bank by uninstalling dozens of military checkpoints.