Six years ago Israeli forces occupying the southern West Bank denied the Palestinians of Hebron the right to walk on Shuhada Street. The Society for Citizens Rights conducted investigations in which it was apparent that Israeli forces were fundamentally violating the rights of thousands of people.Each army unit in the city was given a new set of instructions to disallow Palestinians to move on this major street. The Society called for an investigation within the Israeli military while a lawyer sent the military prosecutor notice to investigate the ban of Palestinian movement on the central Hebon street.


Residents have long reported that to go somewhere just minutes away becomes an arduous journey due to the presence of soldiers. To reach their homes residents must climb over rooftops  and balconies, or through the homes of neighbors, one after the other.


Zahira Rajab has lived on Shuhada Street for 13 years and requires daily medication and routine treatment. To reach the clinic she must travel the roofs and balconies of neighbors, and the same on the return.


She brought the matter to the attention of Citizens' Rights last year and ask for the restriction to be canceled. The Office of Counsel in the Israeli system's reply said in essence that the ban on movement was illegal and a mistake, and although it lasted for six years, would now be rectified. The Office of Counsel's response read in part, “The Palestinians have been prevented from literally walking in the street. This was by mistake. In the coming days soldiers will be given new instruction to allow the movement of the population, but it will be conditional on security measures.”


This is not the first case of its kind throughout the West Bank.