Palestinian sources reported on Saturday evening that a Palestinian construction worker was shot and killed by an Israeli guard in Be’er Shiva town, in southern Israel.The worker, Mohammad Kamal Battat, 30, used to work at the same building where the guard works and is familiar to him.


The Maan News Agency reported that Battat suffered serious injuries and died of his wounds at Soroka Israeli hospital in Be’er Shiva.


An eyewitness and relative of Battat said that the Israeli guard allowed them to sleep at the construction site where they work in return for a certain amount of money that would be paid by the Israeli contractor in charge of the site.


The witness added that the contractor and the guard quarreled as the guard demanded to be paid, and threatened to kill the Palestinian workers who are there if the money was not paid.


As the workers arrived at the building, the guard demanded them to pay him a certain amount of money; when they refused he pulled his gun out and fired at Mohammad Kamal Al Battat and shot him dead.


Al Battat is the father of six children, and was unemployed for one year; he had been working at the construction site for two months.