Secretary General of the Arab States League, Amr Moussa, called yesterday for a comprehensive solution for the Middle East conflict, criticizing the international Quartet.

Moussa’s remarks came during a symposium at the Royal Belgium Institute for International relations in Brussels yesterday, where Moussa sharply criticized the Quartet Committee for Middle East for what he called the Quartet’s ‘ineffective role’.

“ The Quartet Committee (United States, United Nations, Europe, Russia), only issues statements, and that is not enough”.

Mr. Moussa stressed that once the current chance for peace is lost, finding a solution for the Palestinian question will take a very long time.

He also maintained that the Arab side has been determined to reach peace with Israel through various peace initiatives; however, Israel has not lived up to its obligations.

The Arab League chief asserted that his organization is keen to have a Weapons of Mass Destruction- free Middle East, provided that this policy applies to all countries, with no exceptions.

The International Quartet has been set over the past few years to work out a resolution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in accordance with the Road Map peace plan, which calls for a two state solution for Palestine and Israel. So far, the Quartet has failed to carry out its task as effectively as is required.