Family of Abeer Al Arameen, a ten-year old Palestinian girl killed by the Israeli army in Anata town, north east of Jerusalem, demanded the Israeli army to conduct a probe into her death and to prosecute the soldiers responsible.The girl was killed after she was hit by a rubber-coated bullet fired by the army, but the Israeli police claims that it is possible that one of the stones hurled by Palestinians at the army hit her in the head.



But the family published an autopsy report determining that their child was killed by a rubber-coated bullet that hit her in the head.


The Israeli police in the occupied West Bank did not completely rule out this possibility, and said that it is conducting a probe into the issue, but stated that one of the possibilities is that she was hit by a stone hurled by Palestinians.


But, the Israeli police said that the cause of death “would be determined only when the investigation is concluded”, and rejected the possibility that the girl was hit by a stun grenade.


The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in The Occupied Territories, B'Tselem, reported that it conducted a probe at the location of the shooting and collected testimonies that revealed that there was no clashes at the time of the shooting.


The Israeli border police claimed that shots were not fired while the troops were dispersing the claimed “riots”.


Several leftists and peace activists protested against the child's death and passed pictures of her along the city streets in Jerusalem.


The protesters accused the Israeli border police of killing the 10-year-old child.