On Wednesday night Israeli soldiers invaded  the northern west Bank city of Nablus and injured one woman, while soldiers broke into her home in an attempt to abduct her husband. Israeli military sources said that the man is a member of the Islamic Jihad movement.


The attack was carried out when the under-cover units of the Israeli army surrounded the home of Nasser Jawabra.


The army claims that Jawabra is suspected of involvement in the planning of several foiled suicide bombings.


The wife of Jawabra was injured when the under-cover troops used a small explosive device to detonate the door of their home. The door was flung by the force of the blast and struck the woman.


Jawabra was taken prisoner by the soldiers and his wife was moved to an Israeli hospital for treatment, Israeli sources reported.


At least 22 Palestinian residents were taken prisoner by Israeli troops in the West Bank, 18 of the abductees are from the Nablus area.


According to the army, Palestinian fighters exchanged fire with the invading forces and threw a makeshift grenade at them; no injuries were reported.