The United States is seeking to arm and train the presidential guards, loyal to the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, as part of a plan that was presented to the Quartet, Israel, and some Arabic countries.The plan aims to provide Abbas with weapons, ammunition and money in order to strengthen his power in the Palestinian territories.


U.S officials said that the US Administration intends to increase its support to reach other security devices loyal to Abbas.


As part of the plan, the US president, George Bush, ordered the transfer of 86 Million US Dollars to Abbas, in order to impose law and order, conduct reforms in the security devices, and curb attacks against Israel.


Also, a weapon shipment is waiting to enter the Gaza through the Rafah Border Crossing between Gaza and Egypt. These weapons will be transferred to the presidential guards.


Over the last several days, several shipments of ammunition and weapons were delivered to Abbas and were stored at Ansar base, under the control of Abbas.


According to the US plan, Egypt and Jordan will be in charge of arming Abbas’ forces.


Palestinian sources estimated that 4000 security men will be highly trained, and will receive weapons. The sources also said that it estimated the number of security forces will arrive to 40000, but only have of them will be part of the American training program.


Israeli online daily Haaretz reported that the support to Abbas and his forces comes to counter the increasing power of Hamas’ Al Qassam brigades.


Meanwhile, the Hamas-led Palestinian government slammed that plan, considered it a direct violation and interference in the internal Palestinian politics.


Government media spokesperson, Ghazi Hamad, said that the US government is attempting to create further conflicts among the Palestinians in order to maintain its political domination in the region, the Hamas-run website Palestineinfo reported.


Hamad added that the government rejects this American interference that aims at inflaming divisions and clashes among the different factions.


Ismail Radwan, Hamas spokesperson, said in a press release in Gaza, that the statement of the White House regarding providing Abbas with 4.68 Million Dollars to strengthen his forces aims at escalating the clashes and creating civil war.


Radwan added that “whenever the United States sees that the Palestinians are about to achieve a unity agreement, it sends Condoleezza Rice to the region, or publicly announces sending weapons and money to Abbas, because it does not want unity among the Palestinians”.