The focus of today 's weekly demonstration against the illegal Israeli Wall in Bilin, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, was the need to end the internal conflict harming the Palestinian cause.

Villagers constructed a scaffold with nooses and wore sheets carrying slogans such as 'Palestinian State', and 'Palestinian Freedom'. The scaffold bore the slogan 'internal conflict'.

Around 100 villagers were joined by 20 Israeli and international supporters. Abdullah Abu Rahmah from the popular committee against the Wall and settlements in Bilin told IMEMC 'Our demonstration today was to express our anger as Palestinians against the ongoing infighting the Palestinian territories and also against Olmerts’ approval few days ago of shifting the wall eastwards near our village and the nearby villages'.

Abu Rahmah added; 'As always, the army violently attacked the peaceful demonstrators'.

'Tear gas, rubber coated bullets and sound bombs were used against the peaceful protestors'. Abu Rahma added.

Troops also assaulted and abducted Farhad Burnat, 26, who had managed to get over the gate. He remains in captivity. Five people suffered light injuries from rubber bullets and beatings.