On Tuesday morning Israeli army troops stationed on the Gaza-Israel border line, to the east of Gaza City, opened heavy fire at Palestinian resistance fighters. They killed one and injured another, Palestinian media sources said.

The sources added that armed clashes erupted between the Israeli soldiers and the resistance fighters in the area located between the Juice factory and the Alshuhada cemetery, east of Gaza city.

Dr. Moa’wiya Abu Hasanain, director of the emergency department at the Alshifa hospital, confirmed that Mohammad ,22, was killed and another person was wounded by live ammunition. Als’eedi is believed to be linked to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, an offshoot of Fatah,

Dr. Hasanain added that the Israeli forces are still denying medical crews access to the area, and the wounded man has not yet been evacuated.

Meanwhile, Israeli warplanes have been frequently hovering over Gaza since yesterday morning.

Some Israeli officials have recently warned of a likely massive Israeli army attack on the Gaza Strip, as rival Palestinian factions have agreed to a national unity government including Hamas and the former ruling Fatah.