Israeli forces destroyed seven houses and at least 13 other structures privately owned by Palestinians in Hebron city and nearby villages in the southern West Bank on Wednesday.

The attacks occurred in the villages of Manzal, Umm al-Khir and Gawawis near the city. Local eyewitnesses told the Palestinian news agency WAFA that Israeli police forces, Border Police and Israeli troops arrived in the villages on Wednesday morning, accompanied by the Engineering Corps.

The owners of the destroyed houses and structures ( which were being used to raise sheep) were left to sleep on the street, sources in the villages stated. Some relatives provided them with tents and blankets, a member of one of the attacked families said.

One woman needed medical treatment after losing consciousness during the demolitions. Israeli leftist activists also arrived at the scene, one of whom was detained, WAFA reported.

The Israeli army claims that the houses were built illegally. The Israeli state have rarely given Palestinians permits to build houses. Moreover, near the attacked villages there are at least five illegal Israeli Jewish settlement outposts. Their illegality was admittted by the Israeli government three years ago, a decision to demolish them was passed but this decision has still not been put into practice.