Amnesty International called yesterday on Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas and his Prime Minister, Ismail Haniya, to ensure protection for Palestinian civilians is on the upcoming agenda of the expected national unity government.
Amnesty’s General Secretary, Irene Khan, submitted a letter to both Palestinian leaders, recommending the installation of security forces that are capable of respecting human rights and preserving law.

Different parts of the Palestinian territories saw yesterday shootouts despite the agreement to form a national unity government.

In the West Bank city of Nablus, the home of Palestinian the Minister of Planning, Samir Abu Aisha, came under fire. No casualties were reported. Meanwhile, a group of local Fatah leaders in the Gaza Strip town of Bani Sohaila were reportedly shot at by unknown gunmen.

Palestinian security bodies have been urged to pursue those involved in shootouts and bring them to justice. This action would reflect the agreement to a national unity government, one that intends to end internecine infighting that has claimed the lives of about 100 Palestinians in the past three months.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, during a joint press briefing with his Prime Minsietr Haniya in Gaza on Thursday, re-appointed Haniya to form a national unity government in line with the Makkah deal.

Haniya announced resignation of the Hamas-led government and voiced willingness to go in line with the letter of assignment, which calls for respecting past signed peace agreements and preserving the national interests of the Palestinian people.

Rival Palestinian factions agreed two weeks ago in the Saudi Arabian holy city of Makkah to a national unity government, ending fierce infighting that has ripped through the Palestinian territories due to differences over each faction’s platform.