A mysterious explosion ripped through the Wad Alselqa village, south of Gaza Wednesday, killing a 33 year-old Palestinian resident, medical sources reported.
Mahmoud Alsemairy, 33, of the southern Gaza Strip village of Wad Alselqa, was killed after a mysterious explosion ripped through the vicinity of his house, Al-Aqsa Martyrs hospital in central Gaza announced.

The hospital sources confirmed that the body of Alsemairy arrived at the hospital completely torn apart and that it would be transferred to the Alshifa hospital in Gaza city for autopsy.

Witnesses said that a very loud explosion has been audible in the area, which is about 700 meters away from the Gaza-Israel border, to the east of Wad Alselqa village.

Israeli army has stormed the village several times during the code-named ‘Summer Rains’ military offensive from June 2006 until Novemeber 2006.