The Israeli army has continued on Wednesday morning its military offensive nicknamed as "Hot Winters", targeting the northern West Bank city of Nablus.


On Wednesday morning Israeli tanks and heavy armored vehicles stormed the city, after having left it only one day before. Hundreds of homes were attacked and families were forced outside while soldiers vandalized their belongings. Also this time, the Israeli soldiers started to abduct relatives of whom the army calls "Wanted Palestinians".


Invading forces have turned Thafir Al Massrim, a school in the city, into a detention center where soldiers are detaining the abducted family members. Local sources in the city stated that among those abducted so far is Manal Al Fakih, who is five months pregnant, and an elderly man named Abu Amin Lubadah who suffers from a heart condition.


The city of Nablus is currently under curfew, which is leaving thousands of Palestinian families confined in their homes. The Israeli military also broke into several homes and turned them into military posts, as is their practice during such operations, eyewitnesses reported.


Palestinian sources in the city stated that Israeli troops are searching homes in downtown Nablus, the old city and the nearby Balata and Askar refugee camps.


Since Sunday morning the Israeli offensive has left one civilian dead, at least 30 injured, and saw some150 abducted. The Israeli army stated that the military operation was aimed at targeting Resistance fighters. Palestinian sources in the city stated that none of the abductees are resistance fighters, all are civilians.