Education Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Nasser Addin Al Sha'er, surveyed the latest damages incurred in Nablus' Old City during the recent four days of Israeli military invasion

The integrity of ancient buildings is further compromised with each attack, while several facades have been necessarily replaced over the years. Stone lies in piles where centuries old structures once stood, destroyed in this and previous invasions.

Dr. Al Sha'er was also concerned with the human toll and visited families in their homes. He stopped to talk with passers-by in the streets and several people in the alley-ways of the Old City described the treatment they endured and the damages sustained.

Families were locked in single rooms, unsure of their fate. The elderly and those in need of regular sleep and meals, or medication and doctors visits, were all particularly hard hit. Several homes suffered damages, as did the baths and nearby shops and buildings.

Although renovations cannot make up for the destruction of ancient structures, the Prime Minister and government are donating half a million dollars to aid in repairs.

The Minister of Planning and acting Finance Minister, Dr. Samir Abu Eisha, said that Prime Minister Haniyya pledged the funds as the local economy has already been severely impaired by the ongoing blockade.