Deputy-Prime Minister of Italy, Massimo D’alema, called the Palestinian factions agreement to form a unity government ‘an alternative to a civil war in Palestine’, considering it a step forward.

Responding to reporters in Italy, D’alema refrained from giving opinion with respect to possible recognition by the would-be government of Israel, saying “ I am not a lawyer for the Palestinian government in spite of my respect to the ‘noble profession’, but I do not practice it”.

The Italian Deputy-Prime Minister, whose country is a member of the European Union, said that the Makkah deal signed earlier in February by rival Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah, had acknowledged previously signed agreements between the Palestinians and Israel.

“Some people believe that the Makkah deal contained an implicit recognition of Israel, while others, including Israel, considered it not enough”, he maintained

The Quartet committee for promoting Middle East peace, made up of United States, United Nations, European Union and Russia, reiterated demands that the any Palestinian government should recognize Israel, renounce violence and accept previously signed agreements.

Hamas, in power, has announced that it would respect past signed agreements but it has not ostensibly recognized Israel’s right to exist.

According to Palestinian sources, a unity government would emerge in the next few days, after all preparations have been finalized, pending some minor differences.

Since coming to power after January 2006’s democratic elections, the Hamas-led government has been suffering from an international sidelining, as the Palestinian territories have seen unprecedented infighting, while poverty has reached a climax.