The Nablus-based Nafha Society for the Defense of Prisoners’ Rights reported that the 36 Palestinian MPs being imprisoned in the Israeli detention facilities of Majedo and Alramla, have been going through crucial health complications.

A statement released by the society confirmed that a number of the MPs have been suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, stomach ulcers and cardiac problems.

The statement called for setting up an international legal panel to help release these MPs and ministers, stating that Israel has violated international norms when abducted them.

The Nafha society also quoted the speaker of the Palestinian parliament, senior Aziz Dwaik of Hamas, who is one of the imprisoned MPs, as appealing to all Arab and world parliaments to pressure the Israeli government for their release and calling on the Palestinian people to unite behind a unity government.

The society called on all concerned bodies including the European Union parliament and the United Nations to wrap up the prisoners’ profile once and for all.

The Israeli army abducted last summer 36 Palestinian parliamentarians and ministers, apparently, in a bid to weaken a Hamas-led government that came to power following last January’s democratic elections, some commentators believe.

Israel alleged then the reason behind the detention of such politicians was involvement in Hamas, which Israel labels a ‘terrorist organization’

According to Palestinian figures, Israel still detains approximately 9,000 Palestinians including 320 women and hundreds of children.