The Istaeli Maariv Newspaper reported on Sunday that as the Palestinian factions are preparing to declare a national unity government by the end of this week, Israel is preparing for what was described as “new and tough” war against Hamas. The paper reported that both the Israeli army and Hamas are preparing for a new wave of war which might take place in the coming period.

The Maan News Agency reported that Maariv published a report stating that Israel and Hamas fighters accelerated their preparations for the coming war because both sides believe that the ceasefire deal would not last.

Maariv reported that Hamas is preparing reinforcements in cities that might be invaded by the army, and that top leaders of the movement will hide in underground tunnels if the military offensive takes place.

Maariv stated that Hamas movement stored huge quantities of weapons, ammunition and anti-tank missiles in addition to preparing underground tunnels and enforcements.

The paper also claimed that Hamas sent dozens of its fighters to receive training in Iran in preparation to the “new wave of conflict”.

On the Palestinian side, the new coalition government might be officially announced by the end of this week. Any invasion or attack will bring an end to the efforts that aim to maintain a strong government in the Palestinian territories, and will lead the area into a new wave of violence.