The Palestine News Network reported on Sunday evening that unknown gunmen abducted Justice Bassam Hijawi, head of the Jenin Court, in the northern part of the West Bank, and released him later on.Justice Hijawi was driving his car in Nablus and was accompanied by his colleagues when gunmen driving a local vehicle stopped him, forced him out of the vehicle and sped away after forcing him into their car.


He added that after talking with the gunmen, he understood that they abducted him because of a ruling that was made earlier.


“I told them that this method is unacceptable, and that if they have a point of view they can resort to the law and appeal”, Hijawi stated.


The gunmen apologized to the judge and released him unharmed. He stated that they treated him respectfully and told him that “he was not personally targeted, but he is the higher legal authority in Jenin.


Justice Hijawi stated that what happened is “painful, dangerous and rejected”, adding that violations and attacks against the law and the figures representing it do not accomplish any positive aim.


“We are on a cross road now”, Hijawi said, “We either build a civil society based on law and order, or live in chaos, but we won't allow chaos to happen”.