A massive Israeli force invaded the northern West Bank city of Jenin and Jenin refugee camp, and killed one Palestinian resistance fighter on Wednesday at dawn.

At least 40 Israeli army vehicles and several bulldozers invaded Jenin and Jenin refugee camp from multiple directions. In the refugee camp a group of local resistance fighters from the Aqsa brigades of Fatah and Al Qudes brigades of Islamic Jihad, clashed with the invading Israeli troops.

Iyad Abu Hatab, 22, a resistance fighter of Al Aqsa brigades was killed during these clashes. Medical sources in the refugee camp stated that Abu Hatab sustained wounds in his chest. The sources added that Israeli soldiers did not allow medical teams to assist the man and left him to bleed for several hours, which led to his death.

Later the army allowed a local ambulance to take the man to Jenin Hospital in the city. In the meantime another Israeli force invaded Barta'a village west of Jenin city; soldiers searched and ransacked several houses then an army bulldozer demolished a car wash, a greenhouse and an animal shed. When local residents and owners of the facilities tried to remove their belongings from the areas being demolished, the Israeli soldiers attacked them with batons and sound bombs. No injures were reported, eyewitnesses said.