Hundreds of residents of Nablus, in the northern part of the West Bank, protested on Monday at the Beit Forik Israeli military checkpoint, against the siege and roadblocks that isolates the Palestinian territories.The protest came as part of the public events that commemorates Land Day “March 30”, and was organized by the Popular Committee.

The Maan News Agency reported that at least 150 residents participated in the protest along with non-governmental organizations, youth unions and national factions.

Dozens of residents of the villages of Beit Forik, Azmout, Beit Dajan, Salem, and Dir Al Hatab also participated in the protest.

The protesters carried posters and chanted slogans against the occupation, settlements and the Annexation Wall. They also chanted slogans against the Israeli land grab policy and called for lifting the siege imposed on the Palestinians.

The protesters marched steadily and peacefully toward the checkpoint while the soldiers attempted to stop them but their persistence forced the soldiers to open the checkpoint and to allow them to continue their procession.

Khalid Mansour, one of the activists of the Campaign Against Siege and Checkpoints in Nablus, said that this protest comes highlight the Palestinian suffering under occupation due to the Israeli policies of invasions, siege and attacks in addition to the checkpoints that are barring the residents from reaching the hospitals, blocking access to education and health facilities in addition to barring the residents from reaching their employment facilities and their orchards.

Mansour added that these activities and nonviolent protests would continue with the support of the private and public institutions and dozens of peace activists.

He also said that this protest is a proof that national unity is the choice of the Palestinian people who want the siege and occupation ended.