The Israeli Military Intelligence claimed on Tuesday that thousands of fighter of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad are receiving military training in Iran, Syria and Yemen in preparation to what was described as “a possible American Attack”, and added that the Syrian International Airport became “a logistic point for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards”.

Intelligence sources claim that the pessimistic evaluation provided by the Israeli Intelligence head Amos Yidleen during the Sunday government session was based on American intelligence information which claimed that Iran, with the help of Syria, created an Islamic brigade in the Middle East.


The government session also discussed the roles of Syria, Iran and the Lebanon-based Hizbollah party in any upcoming conflict and the dangers these aspect pose on Israel.


The Israeli Intelligence claims that thousands of Hizbollah fighters in addition to fighters of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, have been travelling to Iran in order to receive military training in Iranian army basis, and that all trained units are being distributed to several areas in the Middle East, including the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.


Also, Israel claims that a security device was establish to supervise the fighters; the claimed device is headed by Syrian and Iranian military officials.


Israel believes that Iran is currently observing all of the Middle East as a combat zone and that it significantly increased the number of fighters training on its soil since the beginning of this year.