On Wednesday at dawn the Israeli army invaded the northern West Bank city of Jenin and Jenin refugee camp. Clashes erupted between local resistance fighters and the invading troops, and one civilian was abducted by the Israeli army.

A massive Israeli army force stormed the city and the nearby refugee camp, soldiers searched and ransacked scores of residents homes. A man whose name remains unknown was walking in the street in downtown Jenin city when soldiers stopped and abducted him, eyewitnesses reported.

In Jenin refugee camp a group of local resistance fighters clashed with the invading Israeli forces. During these clashes  one Israeli soldier was lightly injured and rushed to a hospital in Israel, the Israeli media reported.

Late on Tuesday night, a boy from Jaba' village south of Jenin was abducted by Israeli troops stationed at Howwara checkpoint south of Nablus. The soldiers claimed that the boy tried to stab an Israeli soldiers with a knife, a claim that was not verified by eyewitnesses. The boy is known as Fouzi Abu Aoun, 15, local sources reported.