The department of national and international relations at the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) issued a special report on Saturday, documenting the Israeli army attacks on the Palestinian people during March2007.
According to the PLO’s body, the Israeli army killed 12 Palestinian residents, of whom two children killed by Israeli armed settlers, and wounded 70 others involving 13 children.

The Israeli army also took prisoners 268 Palestinians, destroyed 7 Palestinian-owned houses and expropriated about 50 acres of Palestinian-owned lands for the expansion of illegal Jewish settlements and the construction of the notorious separation barrier in the West Bank.

The PLO’s report states that the Palestinian death toll since September2000 until March 2007, has mounted to 4,710, of whom 901 children, 296 women, 360 security personnel, 493 killed during extra-judicial assassinations, 147 died due to delay at checkpoints, 67 lynched by armed Israeli settlers, 10 journalists, 220 athletics, 6 foreign solidarity members and 36 medics.

Away from figures, the PLO’s report believes that the Israeli refusal to the Arab peace initiative re-endorsed late in March by the Arab states summit in Riyadh, would further fuel the Palestinian/Arab-Israeli conflict.

The Arab peace proposal, drafted by the Saudi Arabia in 2002, calls for full Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Arab territories, Israel took over during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, in return for normal ties between 23 Arab states and the Hebrew state.

In 1993, the Palestine Liberation Organization, representative of the Palestinian people for decades, signed in Washington the Oslo peace accords with Israel, in a bid to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.