Official Egyptian sources reported on Monday that Egyptian border-guards arrested one Palestinian who allegedly crossed from the Gaza Strip into Egypt through one of two tunnels that were recently dug in the area.The Palestinian was allegedly arrested in the Sinai Peninsula, an Egyptian security source reported.

 The two alleged tunnels were uncovered in the Egyptian side of Rafah city; the first tunnel was found by Egyptian border guards and policemen who earlier arrested a young Palestinian man after he attempted to cross the border through the freshly dug tunnel.

Captain Mohammad Bader of the North Peninsula Egyptian police said that while searching the tunnel the police found water and food supplies.

 Bader added that the Palestinian man is undergoing interrogation by the security authorities.

 Also, Bader said that another tunnel was uncovered in a residential area of Rafah. The tunnel was not sealed as the Egyptian security men are hoping to arrest more people trying to use it.

 Israel repeatedly accused Egypt of “not doing enough” to stop arms being smuggled to the Gaza Strip; Egypt rejected the allegations and said that it is making great efforts to crack down the smugglers.